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Expert panels

Expert panels are one of the key methods of foresight. They comprise a wide range of opportunities for cooperation with experts, from individual expert interviews, through panel discussions with the participation of numerous specialists in a given field, to workshops in which various positions are confronted, knowledge is accumulated, and e.g. recommendations and solution suggestions are developed.

One of the potential paths is also the Delphi method, which, in order to limit the mutual influence of experts, requires ensuring their anonymity in the subsequent stages of collecting data and opinions.

What expert panels provide: 

How we implement them:

To each of our research and development projects, we appoint a dedicated team of outstanding experts in a given field and interdisciplinary fields as well as specialists in practice: market leaders, inventors, representatives of key institutions, and startup founders. We work with individuals from both Poland and abroad.

Sample assignments:

Research carried out as part of the ‘Future of Crime. Cybersecurity today and tomorrow’ project where, due to the complexity of the topic, its specificity and high level of specialisation were entirely based on the Delphi method. In the first stage, individual in-depth interviews were conducted with 12 experts. Then, based on the information obtained from the experts, 10 potential cyber threats were created. In the second stage of the study, threats were evaluated by 20 experts in an anonymous quantitative survey. Experts were asked to indicate the probability of the occurrence of a given threat, assess the strength of its negative impact, and predict the probable time of its occurrence.
Based on the quantitative data obtained, a risk map was developed:

Source: Report: Future of Crime. Cyber security today and tomorrow. Delphi method, survey of 20 cybersecurity experts, infuture hatalska foresight institute, March 2018.

In the case of the project dedicated to Generation Z, we cooperated with a group of specialists, which allowed us to look at this generation from different perspectives. We invited, among others, Monika Popow – a pedagogue who works with youth within the structures of Stowarzyszenie 180 Stopni; Chief Designer of youth clothing at Cropp, LPP; Przemysław Staroń – a psychologist, educator, Teacher of the Year 2018; Olga Kulik, influencer, Head of Network Operations at Mediakraft Networks Polska.


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